Free Fridays

You’re probably wondering what free Fridays are but if you go to my school you would definitely know what it is because we just did a big debate about it. Free Fridays are when every one can go on the grass but now one can play ball games on it. Which side would you vote for?


  1. Noelene

    I think I would go with the majority Brody and vote for Free Fridays. Let’s watch and see how it works out….

  2. Mr. G

    Brody, I thought the great debate was fantastic to listen to. Both teams had some really good arguments.Congratulations Brody on all your efforts. Work to improve your skills and be proud of what you can achieve. Bye for now. Mr. G

  3. JosephO

    Hi brody,
    I like free friday it the point to share the grass and no ball game for one day and the debate team are so good argument and there is free friday.
    please see mt blog: 😀

  4. miamss

    Hi brody,
    I would definitely vote for free Fridays
    From Mia

  5. smithclassroomcapers

    I am really glad that Free Fridays are back! I notice that the boys are trying out some gymnastics too. I think it was a fair way to decide, don’t you?


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