ewer class is doing a thing to see haw much pages we can reed in a term we are aiming for add least 18,ooo pages every morning we will read how much […]

This term I am really excited I hope we do interesting things.  I think we will because it sounds interesting. We started this term by going to camp at Mount Evelyn.  It was […]

You’re probably wondering what free Fridays are but if you go to my school you would definitely know what it is because we just did a big debate about it. […]

For my learning  goals I am trying to come early every day- I have done a week. All   ready I am doing realy good so far I am up to the 2nd week I […]

I’m excited about cross country we have been doing cross country practices. I love it is good how grade 3 to grad 6 do it together. I want to beat my […]

Hi my name is Brody I’m turning 11 and I love sport. Talking about sport, we recently did sports day at my school. I came second in the 400 meter run, […]